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About Us

Artist Stephanie Sachs creating watercolors for Carerez Scarves

It began with a tub of clay.

My kindergarten classmates would say, “Come play house with us,” and I’d say, “I want to play with my clay.”

 (I never liked playing house… not even now, really. Thankfully my husband loves to cook!)

That strong desire to create at five years old would continue and eventually lead me to art school (Washington University in St. Louis) and then to Maui, where I’ve been fortunate to build a thriving art business over the last 30 years.

What started by selling $20 watercolors on the side of the road has led to creating oil paintings that are collected around the world. And actually, it’s the collectors who inspired me to start designing scarves by saying my paintings looked like fabric!

I feel incredibly fortunate that I get to create things I love that makes the world a brighter, and hopefully happier, place. I haven’t done it alone though.

 My business partner and dear friend, Mari Loftus, is the source of an endless flow of ideas and has a great eye for detail. Most people we meet assume we’re sisters and her love of art adds to the suspicion that we share some DNA!

Carerez Scarves Wrap Yourself in Love About Us

Stephanie Sachs and Mari Loftus 



Mari and I love making these ultra-soft, long-lasting scarves that make it easy to add a pop of color to your wardrobe while expressing the things you love without saying a word. Our best sellers represent our collective love of cats, butterflies, and horses.

We hope you’ll find one that’s just right to spruce up an outfit in a pinch, keep you warm in an air conditioned office or wrap up in on a chilly evening.

 As a thanks for checking us out and to freshen up your look, download a copy of our free scarf-tying guide below.

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Creative Designer, Carerez Scarves