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How it all Begins

Overlooking the tranquil waters of Maui, artist/designer Stephanie Sachs paints in watercolor, pen & ink and oil paints. Then she uses those paintings and adds layers of harmonizing colors to create timeless designs that have special meaning to their owners. 

After graduating from college Stephanie hopped on a plane and landed on Maui. Before tiny homes were a thing, she lived in a shed and a bus while she continued to hone her skills as an artist.

By 25 she was making a living drawing 5 minute portraits on a busy street in Lahaina. 20 years ago she was chosen for the Artist Showcase at the Four Seasons in Wailea. There she continues to display her oil paintings.

7 years ago she helped start the Artist Program at the Wailea Beach Resort. It was here that she was inspired to start creating wearable art. After much trial and error she found a manufacturer she could rely upon with ultra soft fabrics and beautiful quality.

Every Saturday she showcases her paintings and her scarves at the Wailea Beach Resort. Here she has had a great opportunity to meet her scarf buyers and get feedback on her colors and designs. These events have helped her to craft scarves with colors that work with every skin tone and designs that touch people hearts.

Now Stephanie's paintings are in collections around the world and her scarves have a growing legion of fans...and she has a house with a studio.